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Adults meet in the church Fellowship Hall on Sunday mornings (September-May) from 10:00-10:45 a.m. for adult education.

Surprised By Hope will be our theme from September 20 through October 25 and David Chavez, Music & Worship Minister, will be the facilitator. Join us as we wrestle with questions such as, "What does Jesus' resurrection have to do with real, everyday life?" and "What does the hope of heaven actually mean?" Check out the trailer here.

Small Group Bible Studies

There are several opportunities for small group Bible Study including:

  • Mom Time Bible Study for moms of kids birth through elementary school
  • Abiding Presence Iron Men
  • 3 Bs (Bible, Blessing & Breakfast)
  • Thursday Morning Bible Study 

adult ed.jpgBible 101

Pastor Keseley teaches Bible 101 as a four week course to introduce people to the Bible. If you have never participated in a Bible Study, want to start reading your Bible and don't know where to start or are new to the Lutheran faith, this is a great class to take. It looks at scripture from a Lutheran perspective and helps people to gain familiarity with the scriptures. The class is usually taught once or twice a year.

Adult Confirmation

Adult Confirmation is a yearlong program taught by the clergy for adults who wish to affirm their faith. Topics covered include: the Lord’s Prayer, the Apostles’ Creed, the 10 Commandments, Holy Baptism, Holy Communion and Worship. The program is designed for those looking for the “next step” in their faith journey.