Children in Worship

Abiding Presence is filled with children and youth! They (and their families) are a vital part of our ministry as a congregation. The best part is that parents tell us over and over again that their kids want to come to church.  As one youth recently said, “Church is where my friends are.”

Keeping Kids Excited about WorshipChildren_in_Worship.jpg

  • Children's Bags - We have bags with activity sheets based on the day's Bible lesson that children can take to their seat to use during the service.  
  • Children's Sermon - All of our services include a special message just for kids where kids are invited to come forward for a brief lesson prior to the adult sermon.
  • Blessing - At the time of Holy Communion, children who do not yet receive Holy Communion are invited to come forward with their parents for a blessing.
  • Shakers - At our Praise Service, kids are invited during the last song to pick up a shaker and “make a joyful noise” along with the band.

Pastor Keseley has two young children herself and knows just how nerve-racking worshiping with kids can be. After all, you never know what kind of mood they will be in or if you will be sitting next to someone who finds your little one as adorable as you do. Honestly, though, the people at Abiding Presence love kids! You don’t have to worry if your child makes noise or moves around. Kids are important people in our congregation and we want them to be seen and heard.


While we love having children in worship, we know that sometimes little ones have a hard time sitting through the whole service. On Sunday mornings we have a professionally staffed nursery for young children. Children are welcome in the nursery for the whole service or part of the service. Many parents choose to pick their children up from the nursery prior to Holy Communion so that they can bring them forward for a blessing. The nursery also includes a changing table, diaper genie and child’s size bathroom.nursery.jpg