God's Place. Our Place. Your Place?

Welcome to Abiding Presence in Burke, Virginia. We are an active, family-friendly faith community where people connect with God and one another. Together we worship, grow in faith, serve those in need and make Christ known in the world. We welcome you to join us for worship. There is a place here waiting for you.

What's your generosity story?

Over the course of the next several weeks, we are going to have the opportunity to hear the generosity stories of some of the members of our congregation. The stories of why people within our church family are generous in their giving have been an inspiration to me and, I hope, will be an inspiration to you, too. You won't want to miss them!

I hope in the coming weeks you will think about your generosity story as you watch the stories of members of our church family. You'll be able to see them on social media, our website and before worship. While you are thinking about your story, be sure to share it with your children, grandchild or others. All of us, together, are about the work of helping our children and youth formulate their own generosity stories. Then, who knows, sometime down the road they will be talking about how you inspired them!